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Can Animals Be Gay too? - Weird Existence

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Weird Existence / Nature

Can Animals Be Gay too?

Nature | November 27, 2011 / views:
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Many people might envy animals for their rich sex life, because most of them are more willing to experiment in that area. In fact, there are plenty of documented evidence of bisexual behavior in many animal species. Here, we're introducing the most prominent representatives.

10. Squids

According to the new discoveries of scientists, squids mate almost routinely with males and females. Experts think that this is happening because, at great depths, it is very difficult to find a company of your kind. When they finally meet somebody like themselves, squids do not choose whether it is male or female and put themselves into "action".

9. Chimpanzees

These monkeys are more closely related to us, humans, than they are even to gorillas. They are omnivores that eat more than 250 different types of food. They are, also, the most promiscuous members of the animal kingdom. The whole species is bisexual and chose neither the time nor the place for their sex plays.

8. Dolphins

A large number of dolphins is bisexual, but there are exclusively homosexual members of the species. In early life (up to ten years) they equally mate with males and females. From the tenth year they find same-sex partners, until they come to a fruitful period of life when they are ready to mate for offspring with members of the opposite sex. Even then, there is a special bond between homosexual partners. Also, they are very creative - females, for example, practice some kind of oral sex. In fact, one female snout tip to stimulate the genital area of  another. Male dolphins even have the genital and anal penetration...

7. Black Swans

These beauties inhabit freshwater lakes, ponds, slow flowing rivers and you can even find them in sea shore lagoons. They mostly feed on water plants. Also, about a quarter of male black swans uses females only for fertilization. Homosexual couples even steal female's nest or live in contemporary 'three' until they get her offspring and then chase her away.

6. Flatworms

A Flatworm has a small opening on its stomach, in the middle of its underside. From there, they can stick their pharynx (mouth or throat) directly in their pray and then suck out the insides of it. Disgusting, I know :). They are known as "24 penises" and they can function as males and females at the same time. They, actually, can penetrate into anything soft and wet. Sorry guys! :)

5. Japanese Macaque (Snow monkeys)

Snow monkeys are very open minded when it comes to choosing a partner. Scientists are considering the hypothesis that whole kind is of bisexual orientation because they often choose same-sex partners, even if they have samples of the opposite sex in the group.

4. Lions

Both male and female lions sometimes prefer sex with the samples of the same sex. Male lions are definitely leading in this thing, enjoying sex for several days before separation. Lionesses are interested in the same sex only when they are in captivity.

3. Penguins

Although most of the penguins are in heterosexual couples, there are a few males that are  differently oriented. Roy and Silo, two penguins from the zoo in Central Park refuse female society offered by their guardians. The two penguins were sitting on a rock pretending that she was their nest, until the guardians gave them a fertilized egg to take care of. Soon, with the assistance of both fathers, a small penguin Tango was born.

2. Lizards

Females Teide lizards have the ability to reproduce asexually. There are not many males, and despite the fact that, from time to time, they can practice heterosexual activity, it is very rare. They spend most of their lives in the company of other females. Thanks to hormonal cycles they have, females with low estrogen levels play a role of "female" and those with high levels of estrogen, "male" lizards.

1. Vultures

As mentioned Roy and Silo, two griffin vultures Dashik and Yehuda lived together in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. They had a very open sexual relationship and have even helped in raising a bird together. However, this love story has no happy ending. After several years of living together, Yehuda left his partner for a female. Dashik was suffering from depression, and the guardians sent him to another zoo where he finally fell in love with a female.

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