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Deadly and Dangerous - Weird Existence

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Weird Existence / Weird

Deadly and Dangerous

Weird | June 24, 2011 / views:
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Are you into extreme sports? Whether you’ve actually partaken or just have a macabre fascination, extreme sports (also known as “X Games”) are the most entertaining of all sports - and at times the craziest (or dumbest depending on your opinion). Even if you think some of these people are crazy or downright stupid, you have to watch. There are roughly a hundred extreme sports that I’m aware of, but I’ve come up with a great list of the most brutal of them all.

1. Base Jumping

BASE stands for Building, Antennnae, Span and Earth - these being the fixed objects that masters of this incredibly dangerous sport jump from. BASE jumpers will jump with a parachute off any tall structure including skyscrapers, electrical towers, bridges and cliffs. This extreme sport was derived from skydiving, but is more dangerous because its typically performed at much lower level giving you less of a window to open your parachute. Also, a BASE jumper travels at a lower speed which gives them less aerodynamic control tan skydivers.  In the past, BASE jumpers have lept from the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building. People who try this sport almost always end up arrested (it's not exactly legal) and some don't even live long enough to get arrested. (We told you it was dangerous.) Stick to lawn bowling.

2. Wind Walking

I’m not so sure that wing walking would qualify as a sport as much as it is a stunt, but it’s certainly “extreme”. Some people do refer to it as an extreme sport and it’s extremely dangerous, so it made the list. Wing walking is the act of walking out onto a wing of an airplane while it’s in the air. This actually didn’t start as a sport, but as a necessity as the first wing walker, Omer Locklear walked out on a wing with the airplane in flight during World War I to repair some damage. I guess after that, people saw it or heard about it and said, “Hey wouldn’t that be fun”. Hell, no! But we have enough crazies that do think it’s fun and it doesn’t stop the rest of us from watching. We now see wing walkers at air shows doing stunts such as handstands and hanging by their teeth!

3. Lawn Bowls

Forget those UFC pussies, lawn bowls is for REAL men (and women!). Going off the number of deaths per player, it is the world’s most dangerous sport, killing literally thousands worldwide every year. Its hardcore competitors will stop at nothing in pursuit of victory. If you’re one of the lucky ones that escapes death, there are thousands more who end up with dislocated ankles, broken hips, torn knees or who simply keel over with a heart attack or a stroke due to the incredibly stressful nature of the game. Either that or it’s down to most of the competitors being over 85 and lugging great big balls around.

4. Heli – skiing

Even the most extreme ski scenes from a James Bond film pale in comparison with what heli-skiers do. Helicoptered to untouched snowy mountains, they leap onto virgin snow and ski down--far from the crowds and the ski patrol. If an avalanche doesn't kill you, a change of weather might leave you stranded. Even the helicopter ride can be perilous: Frank Wells, former president of The Walt Disney Co., died in a helicopter crash during a heli-skiing trip in 1994. This is extreme stuff, not least in cost. The helicopter ride to the top can easily cost upwards of $500, and that's before airfare, special gear or insurance. Despite this, the sport attracts a passionate following: People often book up to a year in advance. (Travel policies will insure heli-skiing for an additional 10% to 20% over the standard premiums.)

Venues: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Washington and Wyoming all have Heli-Ski U.S. certified operations. Outings are based on a daily rate with guides and a set number of descents. Additional runs cost more. Canada's British Columbia has numerous outlets that favor longer packages (three to seven days), which work out cheaper by the day.

5. Cave Diving

What comes to mind when you think of cave diving? Do you think of the shows you watch on the educational channels where they go into dank, dark and murky caves with a string so they can find their way out and come back with treasures? What exactly is extreme cave diving?Cave diving exposes you to risks that you would not come across on a leisure dive (an open or ocean dive) and risks that could be life threatening if you are untrained and unprepared. Cave divers are not overly concerned with injuries, as they are completely conscious that the only injury that could occur, death is permanent. This is a big reason why cave diving is considered an extreme sport. You can’t get much more extreme than the prospect of death.

6. Whitewater Kayaking

When done right, this can be a very dangerous sport. Imagine that you’re in a river with extremely rough water and the only thing you have to protect you is a small layer of fiberglass surrounding you and you somehow have to control it. Of course, there are degrees of the severity of the current of a river, so rivers are divided into “classes” to denote the severity. This is why I say that it’s very dangerous if done right!

7. Bull Riding

Gary Leffew, former world champion bull rider, states on his Web site: "There is more to bull riding than just pain. It can be an art if you take it to the next ride." Good thing, because if one of these beasts, weighing up to 1,800 pounds, tramples you, the next ride you take will be in an ambulance--or a hearse. That Leffew advertises a so-called Jaw-Joint Protector for the upper and lower teeth as well as the brain reveals how serious concussions or head injuries can be. This is for men with testosterone to spare. The slogan of Lyle Sankey, who offers fantasy camps for bull riding, underlines this: "Real Men. Rank Bulls. Raw Sport." He also says success is 60% mental and 40% ability. The only question is whether he's talking about the riders or the bulls.

8. Space parachuting

On August 16th 1960 Joseph Kittinger, Command Pilot in the United States Air Force, made a high-altitude jump from a height of 102,800ft falling nearly 20 miles to terra firma in around 4mins and 36 seconds. On his way exceeding the speed of sound, setting records for highest parachute jump and longest and fastest freefall. Here is that amazing feat. That's the sort of sport I call extreme, breaking the goddamn sound barrier while freefalling to Earth from space. The record he attained for highest jump is something that champion skydivers like Cheryl Stearns have been trying, unsuccessfully, to break ever since.

9. Streetluge Racing

Streetluge is a relatively new sport, which is sort of road-going version of the traditional ice luge. Streetluges are non-motorised and rely on the good old force of gravity as a means of power. On big mountain roads streetluges can reach speeds in excess of 80 mph and since they don't have any form of suspension and are only a fraction of an inch off the ground they provide the rider with a tremendous sensation of speed. Racing a streetluge is damn good fun. The action is often very close and there are all sorts of bumping, drafting, drifting, speedwobbles, highsides, it's got it all. Oh... and the wipeouts are top. In fact there are few sports that offer such thrilling action for such a relatively small cash outlay.

10. Rock Climbing

Climbing is darn scary. It seems like one minute you are on the ground standing in sheep pooh, then the next minute you are 40 foot off the ground clinging onto some rock face cacking yourself because you haven't been able to insert any protection. One false move and the laws of gravity take over (which in this case is not good) so in order to avoid becoming a splattered mess on the ground you'll need skill, technique, strength, determination, and to be prepared for some trouser filling moments. I’ve heard that their moto is „Climb until you drop“, so think for yoursleves should you or yhould you not try it...


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