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Did You Enjoy the Show? - Weird Existence

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Weird Existence / Weird

Did You Enjoy the Show?

Weird | August 30, 2012 / views:
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If while watching the opening ceremony of Olympic games in London, you were asking what all that had to do with sports, I must say you were not the only one. If you did not understand what was happening, believe me, there's nothing wrong with you. The Internet is full of questions of astonished spectators who could not figure out what do hospital beds, lots of ghost and strange creatures have to do with the celebration of a sport event. Those questions are completely in place, but sports commentators could not provide any explanation, but only those well acquainted with the Bible and the symbolism of the secret societies, Masonic lodges and the Illuminati, who did their best to present themselves to the several-billion audience, straight from their headquarters - London.

First of all, what was this strange, giant baby doing at the opening of Olympics? Is it just me, or this baby has like opened head? Well, clearly that's a symbol of mind controlling! The question is, what was a giant baby's head without a body housed doing under a giant ghost under the hood? According to some interpretations, this act looks like (or actually is) the "funeral care" in the Bohemian Grove in California, in which participants symbolically kill all their care and conscience in order to implement the plans of master from the shadow without guilt and remorse. In this ritual doll in the form of child is sacrificed.

Some of the explanations of what happened that night at the stadium in London, apparently look paranoid and fantastic, but but comparisons and associations that are imposed after the opening ceremony of the Games left nobody indifferent, particularly in the context of the current financial crisis and the fact that the world had once again came to the edge of the new world war. So, what were few billions of viewers around the world watching that evening, and about what the mainstream media will not write a single line? The official start of the opening ceremony of the Games was marked by a big, 23 tons heavy bell, the largest bell in the world, by which, elite bloodlines officially marked the beginning of their esoteric NWO. By the way, the first time this bell was used, was at the opening of the Olympic Games in Nazi Berlin in 1936.

The scene of a tree on the top of the hill in a shape of ziggurat (followed by the composition of 'Nimrod') deserves our attention. The hill resembles the Tower of Babel, a place of birth of all false religion, black magic and paganism, the mother of all the abominations of the earth, it is said in the Apocalypse. The King Nimrod was the first world dictator and as a builder of the Tower of Babel is considered the first and greatest master of the Masonic fraternity. Weird, huh? And another interesting thing about this scene is the tree on the top of the hill, which represents the Tree of Knowledge (from the Old Testament, story of Adam and Eve) and not the British green landscape. It is well known that the elitist occult religion is based on the so-called 'secrets of Satan', the knowledge of good and evil, with which the man had become as God.

Dancing around the pole in the first minutes of the ceremony is a traditional folk dance in Western Europe, but like many other inherited western traditions, it is the ancient pagan ritual that evokes fertility. This ordinance includes a pole that represents the male principle, the phallus, while the reins represent female principle, and a wreath on top of everything stands for the virgin goddess. Some researchers believe that pole dancing has its roots in ancient Babylon.

It is so obvious that stands for reflectors don't even look like they should, but clearly depict a Illuminati all seeing eye symbol. Maybe you haven't even noticed, here, take a look.

In the London ceremony, the other kids in beds are haunted by the giant dark entities, which is also one of the creepiest parts of this ceremony, especially if it represents an announcement of what, according to the Illuminati plan, could happen. This looks like some dark entity is baptizing the children. As the "instruction" monuments of the Illuminati in the U.S. state Georgia -  on the stone blocks, in eight languages (English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian) diabolical plan is carved, of the need for "the maintenance of the population on Earth  on only half a billion that would be in harmony with nature." And their definition of harmony isn't like yours, trust me. But, on the other hand, some people deserve to be extinguished for what they do to our planet and nature.

So, finally, did you enjoy the show?

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