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Freakiest Airports in the World - Weird Existence

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Weird Existence / Weird

Freakiest Airports in the World

Weird | December 13, 2011 / views:
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Every major town and city has its own airport, some of them more than one. However, there are airports that are in many ways different from others. All over the world can be seen as strange airports because of its shape, and because of the terrain they are on. Airports can be seen at sea, on the mountain in the middle of town, on a cliff and many other places where you would not think that the airport can be built.

1. Gisborne (New Zeland)

The airport in Gisborne certainly deserved to be on the list of the most unique in the world. Runway of this airport is crossing with the railroad which is used for freight and passenger traffic. This is the only airport in the world on which aircraft sometimes have to stop on the runway and omissions trains.

2. Hong Kong

Airport in Hong Kong despite being one of the busiest, most comfortable and most effective set aside by something more. With the second terminal of the airport is open golf course with nine holes. Airport is equipped with everything you need for night-time entertainment.

3. Gibraltar

Gibraltar airport is specific in a way that its runway is actually a main street in this city and is near the city center. The main roads must be closed every time a plane wants to take off or land.

4. Island of Saba (Netherlands)

This is the only airport on the island and is rightfully one of the most dangerous airport in the world. Just hope that, if you are on the plane that's taking off this runway, every system will work and there are no technical problems... Otherwise, it won`t look good...

5.Kansai (Japan)

For overloaded Japan this is quite logical solution. Due to lack of land for the airport, this one built on an artificial island 4 km long and up to 2.5 km wide. The island is located in Osaka Bay. This airport can be reached by car,train or ferry.

6. Atlanta (USA)

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta was opened in 2006 after five-year building time. It is known for its zigzag paths. What's especially interesting about this airport is that the runway is on the normal roads where the public traffic is. That's probably frightening for those who are driving on those roads, because they have to look at the plains taking off over them.

7. Bara (Scotland)

This is the only airport in the world whose runway is actually a beach on the island of Bara. Here, the beach is used as a runway for regular air lines. The most specific thing about this runway is that it works only during the ebb tide because it's flooded during the high tide

8. Courchevel (France)

Runway of the airport is located high in the Alps near the tourist town Courchevel. The specificity of this airport is that it is a runway extremely short and has a slope of 18.5 degrees. The runway is very close to the ski slopes, which means the take off from this airport can cause an uneasy feeling.

9. Funchal (Portugal)

Airport from Madeira won the prize for best design in the world. Airport got this fascinating appearance from the engineer's idea of how to expand existing airport. Runway was extended construction of 180 pillars, each weight of 230 tone. It's definitely one of the most unique airports.

10 .Kobe (Japan)

The list is yet another Japanese airport on the water. As Kensai airport this airport is situated on an artificial island for lack of soil. Airport is connected by bridge to the mainland. These Japanese airports are only one of the miracles of construction Japanese people built.

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