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Funny Toilet Papers - Weird Existence

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Funny Toilet Papers

Fun | August 17, 2010 / views:
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This beautiful collection of toilet papers we enrich with the facts about Chuck Norris. Remains up to you to guess which of these toilet papers are used by Chuck Norris.

Once produced Chuck Noris toilet paper, but the paper did not let anybody shit on him.

Chuck Noris knows the last digit mathematical constant PI.

Chuck Noris banned rainbows in the State of North Dakota.

Chuck Noris crossed the street. No one dared to examine his motives.

Chuck Noris had to stop to wash the laundry in the ocean, because the tsunami killed people.

Beyond Chuck Noris chin no forks, only another fist.

Chuck Noris has counted to infinity - twice.

Chuck Noris voted for Bush in the 2000 elections.

Chuck Noris sex is not considered as sex if the woman survives.

When Chuck Noris play monopoly, it does reflect in the reality on the world economy.

Chuck Noris does not sleep, he waits.

Chuck Noris has exterminated the dinosaurs.

Chuck Noris does not carry an watch, because he decides what time is it.

Chuck Noris once beat with a knife, the knife is lost.

Chuck Noris can touch MC Hamer.

Chuck Noris is the only man who defeated a brick wall in tennis.

Chuck Noris has two speeds, walk and kill.

Chuck Noris never to experience a heart attack because his heart is not so stupid to attack him.

Chuck Noris once drank a whole bottle of sleeping pills, then had to blinks.

Chuck Noris does not need to kill the author of this fact. He was too busy sleeping with your neighbor and her three daughters.

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