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Iron Shackles of Death - Weird Existence

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Weird Existence / Weird

Iron Shackles of Death

Weird | September 30, 2010 / views:
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Beauty, historically, was a relative term, and changed in step with fashion trends. But sometimes it happened that something what was applied for practical reasons, later become modern or part of the tradition and cultural heritage. Disgusting and inhuman punishment as a "practical" reason for putting the rings on the neck of a female Thai Kayan tribe identical as female circumcision in extreme Muslims, placing women high on the lower lip plates in the African Mursi tribe or cracking of the toes and foot binding of Chinese girls.

Refugees from Thailand, women - "long necks" who have settled in a poor refugee camp in Burma, not only to live miserable and poor, but also have a traditional problem.

In fact, even to the small girls on the neck they put steel rings, which lengthened their neck. As the child grows so it adds more rings. This is not for aesthetic reasons, but because of possible punishment if the woman doing something wrong. Cervical vertebrae in these women were totally atrophied, so when a woman makes a mistake, they take off her rings, and she immediately die from breaking a neck.

It must be admitted that this is a very cruel death. Women living rough life and are not happy. They would like to change their lifestyle and that younger generations do not have to go through this hell of life, but they can not alone cope with such a problem. And as long as this does not solve their eyes will still be dull, cracked skin of hard work, and their stiff necks iron shackle.

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