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Is There a Connection Between These Events - Weird Existence

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Is There a Connection Between These Events

Nature / Weird / Science | September 1, 2012 / views:
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We've all heard of a recent death of the first man who walked on the Moon surface - Neil Armstrong. He was more than that, a U.S navy pilot, a University professor, but landing on the Moon made him remembered in all nations and for all times, and especially the well-known sentence "This is a small step for a man, but giant leap for humankind". Let's remember how it looked like.

Even after 43 years, it still looks amazing. Neil Armstrong, also known as the first real moonwalker, though it was a different type of that what Michael Jackson did, still was connected in the funny and the sad way at the same time with him. Two best moonwalkers...

According to my own opinion, since Neil Armstrong first walked the Moon, it must've been some kind of bond between two of them that lasted even after Neil Armstrong's death. You know the saying "Once in the blue moon..." meaning never? Well, blue moon happens, and at the same day when the Armstrong's funeral was! I mean, it's like even the Moon is paying the last respect to its first visitor. The actual blue moon is a phenomenon when the Moon doesn't turn blue really, but it means that the Moon is full twice a month, and it regularly happens in every 28 or 29 days. There are instances in which the Moon looks really blue, and they are caused by volcanic eruptions and intense fires. That happens when the particles of volcanic ash spread into the atmosphere, so the atmosphere doesn't omit the red, but lets other colors through it, so to the observers the Moon looks really blue, literally.

The sight is breathtaking, because the Moon is both full and blue. How many times in your life you get to see that? The next one is predicted for 2005, or as some say even for 2015. And, remember this for the next time someone tells you he/she will do something 'once in the blue moon', because it can actually come true. And at the end, you say am I right or am I right, there is a connection between these events, it couldn't be just me... Right?
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