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Most Dangerous Dinosaurus Ever - Weird Existence

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Most Dangerous Dinosaurus Ever

Nature | December 29, 2012 / views:
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Dinosaurs were reptiles that went extinct 65 million years ago. But today, after so much time, these wondrous creatures are still awe-inspiring. There were many different sizes of big dinosaurs whose sizes can be compared to the five stores buildings today, and there are those who weren't bigger than just a cat. Dinosaurs are divided into herbivores and carnivores and certainly most dangerous dinosaurs were carnivores. They were beings who had mouth filled with sharp teeth and razor claws that caused fear in all other animals. When we say "the most dangerous dinosaurs" we have many associations that those are giant dinosaurs, however, next to them in this group are smaller dinosaurs (and even some herbivores) that deserved to be on the list of most dangerous. Smaller dinosaurs could have been too dangerous to herbivores and other carnivores as well as large and massive carnivores, especially if they move in groups.

1. Giganotosaurus

most dangerous dinosaurus ever01

Giganotosaurus (meaning "giant lizard") was one of the greatest predators that has ever walked the Earth. He was larger than Tyrannosaurus but had smaller brains than him. He was tall about 13-14m and weighed from 6.5 to 13 tons. Giganotosaurus was one of the tallest meat eaters that have ever existed. He had big teeth and it is assumed that he was very fast, thanks to the long legs, all of which was the sufficient reason, in addition to his height and weight, to find his place in the list of most dangerous.

2. Spinosaurus

most dangerous dinosaurus ever02

Spinosaurus was the largest carnivore that ever. He was the tallest and the longest meat eater, larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex and Giganotosaurus. He was 18m tall and could reach a weight of 20 tons. What makes this dinosaur unique are distinctive growths along his spine. What has also allocated Spinosaurus from the others is that he had an extremely oblong skull that resembles crocodile's.

3. Charcharodontosaurus

most dangerous dinosaurus ever03

This dinosaur is one of the tallest and heaviest carnivorous dinosaurs, he was about 13 metres tall and weighed from 10 to 15 tons. Charcharodontosaurus was a carnivore, with enormous jaws with sharp teeth. He was taller and more massive than Tyrannosaurus but like Giganotosaurus he had much smaller brains than T-Rex. He was much similar to Giganotosaurus and there were assumptions that it could be the same animal. He attacked other carnivores and herbivores, due to the long, sharp teeth which he was named after. Charchardontosaurus means "lizard with sharp teeth".

4. Liopleurodon

most dangerous dinosaurus ever04

Liopleurodon was the biggest carnivorous marine reptile and represented the greatest terror in the seas. He was up to 7m long and very fast swimmer with elongated jaws, filled with sharp teeth. He lived in the seas which covered the territory of present-day Europe. Because of for their large jaws, they hunted other dinosaurs that lived in the sea, but also represented danger for the beings that lived on the land, when they were in contact with water.

5. Tyrannosaurus Rex

most dangerous dinosaurus ever05


Tyrannosaurus is the most dangerous predator that ever walked the planet. Although there were predators greater, higher and more massive than him, even though he was on the throne of the most dangerous carnivores that ever existed. 
T-Rex had a massive head, long massive tail and huge jaws that were able to kill even bigger dinosaurs. He was 12 meters tall and weighed from 6 to 7 tons. While his front limbs were extremely small, his legs were long, massive and strong. He hunted everything in his sight.

6. Therzinosaurus

most dangerous dinosaurus ever06

This dinosaur was one of the  most specific species. He had very unique looks. He walked on the rear two legs, had a very long neck, and the front limbs ended with oversized claws. He was very fast and agile but what sets him apart from other dangerous dinosaurs, that are listed here, is the fact that he was a herbivore. He was 12 feet high and weighed 6 tons.

7. Allosaurus

most dangerous dinosaurus ever07

Allosaurus was a carnivore that was reaching the height of 8 to 9 meters and weighed about 2 tons. He had a massive skull, short neck and a very long and thin tail. He belong to the most dangerous dinosaurs, because he attacked and hunted large herbivores and even the meat-eaters. Allosaurus was the most bloodthirsty dinosaur from the Jurassic. He walked upright on his rear legs and was very agile. His main weapon in hunting were sharp claws on the front limbs, which he stuck in a victim that couldn't have escaped him and of course his sharp teeth.

8. Carnotaurus

most dangerous dinosaurus ever08

His name translates as the "bull-carnivore". The name comes from the triangular horns above his eyes, which resembles the bull. It was about 7.5 meters tall and weighed from 1.5 to 2.5 tons. His body was covered with tubercles and scales. He had long and massive legs while the front limbs were very, very small and not claw-ended. He had a strong and massive tail, the specific thing about this dinosaur is that his jaws were extremely thin in comparison to the rest of the skull.

9. Dilophosaurus

most dangerous dinosaurus ever09

He was only 6 feet tall and weighed half a ton. He wasn't big, but he certainly belonged to the most aggressive and most bloodthirsty dinosaurs. This small carnivore was very fast and agile. He had very sharp teeth and claws. On the head there was the double crest above the nose and forehead. Between the two combs it was stretched deep groove. The role of the crest was not completely clarified, but it was assumed that he used it for courtship. They probably hunted in groups.

10. Utahraptor


most dangerous dinosaurus ever10

Utahraptor was also a smaller carnivore about 7 meters tall and weighed half a ton. He belonged to the predators who, it is believed, hunted in groups. They had strong claws on the front limbs, but however, they were recognizable by their claws on the rear limbs. Claw could be long up to 22 centimeters. They were extremely fast and very good hunters.

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