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Portraits of Celebrities by Laura Racero

Art | September 15, 2010 / views: 4,614

Laura Racer presented us a gallery of his drawings - portraits of celebrities, many times seen so far in various international journals, but this time presented as works of art. Like black and white photographs on these portraits permeate the light and shadow, clear contours and blurred outlines. The artist with his high style portrait, imparted the personage of the living characters and distinctive, artistic touch.

Jennifer Lopez

Keanu Reeves

Leonor Watling

Matthew Perry

Salma Hayek

Gary Cooper

Demi Moore

Harrison Ford

Sandra Bullock

George Clooney

Michelle Pfeiffer

Ewan McGregor

Marilyn Monroe

Rhett and Scarlet

Kim Novak

Captain Jack Sparrow

Arwen Undomiel


Amber Benson

James Marsters

Uma Thurman

David Boreanaz

Nicole Kidman

Paul Newman

Jennifer Connelly

Hugh Jackman

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