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Robbery Instead of Like

Weird | May 30, 2012 / views: 5,876

A 17-years-old girl from Sydney was helping her grandma to count her life savings and couldn't resist taking pictures of the money scattered on the bed. She uploaded those pictures to her Facebook profile.

Couple of days later, two armed men, with a knife and bat, knocked on the door of the house whose address they found on the same Facebook profile. But, this teenager had moved out recently before that, so the robbers came to the wrong address. They threatened her family saying that they're looking for the girl because of the money in the pictures she posted.

Since her mother explained that they came to the wrong address they took away the money they found in that house. The police is investigating the case as well as the possibility that someone from her Facebook friends could've arranged the robbery. Moral: Never take pictures of the money you possess and never, I mean never post them on the internet!

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