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Some Astonishing Facts about Your Body - Weird Existence

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Some Astonishing Facts about Your Body

Nature / Weird | October 14, 2012 / views:
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Our bodies can do amazing things. The list of them is very long, but here are some astonishing fact about your body that you probably don't know yet.

1. Every extra pound of weight forces the body to form approximately 20km of new blood vessels

Once you know this, it is not hard to understand the link between obesity and heart disease. Most of these vessels are tiny capillaries, but also small veins and arteries. The good news is that the thing works in the opposite direction: if you lose a pound of body weight, your body will absorb and block the blood vessels that are no longer needed.

2. In every moment you probably breathe through only one nostril

This is true for 85 percent of the people. What is particularly interesting is that it is automatically switched on every 4 hours approximately. Breathing through different nostril has different effects on the body. Right nostril, for example, increases the level of glucose in the blood and makes you use more oxygen, and also stimulates the left (logical) side of the brain while breathing through the left nostril stimulates the right (creative) side of the brain, which can be used intentionally, If you need it.

3. It's healthy to eat boogers?

Nasal mucus, known as boogers also, filters pollutants from the air, so it was considered not healthy to eat for a long time. However, recent studies show that it actually strengthens the immune system of the body by introducing small amounts of these pollutants and trains the body to recognize them and fight against them. Most adults consider such activity disgusting , but all of us already do that unconsciously because much of the nasal mucus is directed back into throat, where we swallow it from.

4. Women can see more colors than men

Half of the women have four types of color receptors or idiopsines, instead of the usual three, as other women and men. When they look at the rainbow people with three receptors can see seven colors of the rainbow, and people with four, can see about 10 colors. The reason is that the receptors for the red and green are on the X chromosome (which only females have), while those for the blue are on the Y chromosome. If the receptors for red and green and shifted a bit, it allows a greater range of color vision, and in a small number of women, there is even a fifth receptor for colors. On the other hand, the color blindness is much more common in male population.

5. There is a reason why we forget why we got into the room

It happened to all of us that, entered the room, we completely forget why we entered it, and when we come back into the previous room we remember it. Sounds familiar? French researchers found that subjects given easy task are three times more likely to forget it if they go through the door of a room, than if they don't. And the reason for that is, as they concluded, that our brain sees the door as "the border of events" and believes that decisions made in one room are "stored" there even after we leave. That's why we have to return to that first room in order to remember the decisions.

6. Wounds heal more easily when sprinkled with sugar

You know what they say about the wound and the salt? With sugar it is completely another story. African healers put crushed sugar cane on wounds for like decades. A medic Mzers Miranda, who grew up watching his father doing it, was stunned when he saw that in the Western medicine there is no such practice. He conducted a study on a large number of patients with severe injuries, ulcers and amputations, and found that sugar relieves pain and kills bacteria that can slow wound healing. Sugar is hygroscopic, which means it naturally absorbs water, which is essential for bacterial survival, and it is much cheaper than modern antibiotics. So remember to sprinkle your wound with sugar before you put a band-aid on it next time.

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