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The Most Dangerous Land Animals - Weird Existence

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The Most Dangerous Land Animals

Nature | June 12, 2011 / views:
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Did you ever asked yourself which animal is the most dangerous one in the world? If you have - like I have - this one is for you. I've made a list of the most dangerous and toughest land animals on the planet. I've provided some characteristics, short explanation of why they made the list and pictures of each animal and ranked them in the order that I personally chose. While some of this is purely speculation on my part, since many of the animals found here will never meet because they live in different habitats, that didn't stop me from making an educated guess. If you don't agree with the order, that's fine. Like I said, this is just for fun, and hopefully you'll learn something about each animal as you read. If you disagree with my choices, or wish to add your opinion - comments are welcome! These are the animals that I deemed to be the toughest; whether that means pound for pound or because of their sheer size and strength, each animal was chosen carefully, and is very, very dangerous! Enjoy!

The Pit Bull Terrier

* Height: 18-22 inches (46-66 cm) at the shoulder. * Weight: 22-110 pounds (10-50 kgs). * Running Speed: 25-30 mph.(40-48 kmh) * Coloring: Differs greatly between animals. * Bite Force: Roughly 250 pounds per square inch. * Fighting Style: Pit Bulls are tenacious fighters and use their locking jaws to drag down prey. * Unusual Characteristics: The Pit Bull is the warrior of the dog breed.

A lot of animals could have taken this place on this list, but I went with the Pit Bull because of its raw fighting ability. They're tenacious fighters, and don't give up without a fight. Pit Bull Terriers were bred to fight other dogs and even wolves in fighting pits, which is how it got its name.


The Timber Wolf

* Height: 26-36 inches (66-90 cm)at the shoulder. * Weight: 55lbs-190lbs.(25-85) * Running Speed: Top speeds of 45mph (65km/h). * Coloring: Color varies greatly between wolves. Red, gray, white, black, brown and mixed coat coloring is common. * Bite force: 400 pounds per square inch, which is roughly twice that of the common house dog. * Fighting style: Pack animal (hunts in a pack). * Unusual Characteristics: The Timber Wolf has larger teeth than the domestic dog. They also have thick fur, making them able to live in cold climes. Their webbed feet allow them to walk on ice and snow easily.

The wolf is by far my favorite animal of all time. There is something majestic about them, and wherever they hunt, they are the apex predator. While it's true that Pit Bulls can kill a lone wolf from time-to-time, the wolf has a stronger bite, longer teeth and more experience when it comes to taking down and killing their prey. Pit Bulls, for all of their ability to fight, are usually brought up by humans while the average Timber Wolf is fighting for survival in harsh arctic climes.Wolves compete for food with bears and sometimes wolverines, but they have no natural predators. The wolf also has one other significant advantage over the Pit Bull; they hunt as a pack. This means that when you take on a wolf, you're taking on more than one!


The Hyena

* Height: 28-35 inches (70-90 cm)at the shoulder. * Weight: 90-190 pounds(45-86 kgs). * Running Speed: Top speed of 30 mph or 50 km/h. * Coloring: Brown and black. The spotted Hyena sports spots, while the striped Hyena has stripes. * Bite Force: 1000 pounds per square inch. * Fighting Style: Pack animal. Premier scavenger. * Unusual Characteristics: The Hyena's jaws are very powerful and are capable of crushing bone. They also have unusally potent stomach acids, allowing them to digest bone and other hard materials.

The Hyena has extremely powerful jaws that are capable of crushing bone. In fact, their bite is more than twice as powerful as the wolf. While many people label them as cowards, the Hyena is a predator to be feared. They hunt in packs, much like the wolf, and they've even been known to chase cheetahs away from their kills. Besides the powerful bite, hyenas are also smart. They tend to hunt with a strategy in mind and they will often pull their prey in close to guard against other predators and scavengers.


Silverback Gorilla

* Height: 5'5" - 6'(170-185 cm) * Weight: 310-500 lb (140-204.5 kg). * Running Speed: Unknown, but since gorillas are pure muscle, it's thought that they can run faster than a man. * Coloring: Gray, brown and blackish fur are common. Silverback Gorilla's can have a silver hue to the hair found on their backs. * Strength: The Silverback's strength has never been successfully measured, but they are extremely strong and can flip over a car. * Fighting Style: Gorillas live in a pack or family, but the dominant male usually protects his family and territory. * Unusual Characteristics: The Gorilla is extremely intelligent, making it a formidable opponent.

Gorillas are the largest primates on earth. They are large, powerful and very intelligent, making them a force to be reckoned with. Gorillas have very few natural predators. Man is one of them, and large cats like the Jaguar, have been known to take down a Gorilla. However, in many cases, the cat that attacks a gorilla is the cat that receives a broken back in return. Gorillas have enormous upper body strength and one blow from their fist can incapacitate an attacker in short order.


The Cape Buffalo

* Height: Up to 5'7" (1.7 m) high at the shoulder. * Weight: 1000-1800 lbs (500-900 kg) * Running Speed: 35 mph (56 kph). * Coloring: Dark brown. * Fighting Style: They are large, agressive and horned. Cape Buffalo have been known to kill lions and they kill hundreds of humans in Africa per year. * Unusual Characteristics: The Cape Buffalo are feared by hunters. They have killed hundreds of people and have been known to ambush attackers when injured. They are extremely agressive and tough as nails.

The Cape Buffalo is very large and very aggressive. Even full grown lions, hyenas and crocodiles step lightly around them. In fact, it usually takes more than one lion to take down a Cape Buffalo and in some cases, a lion is killed in the process. The Cape Buffalo is armed with sharp hooves and sharp horns that it doesn't hesitate to use if threatened. They are responsible for more than 200 deaths a year in Africa and were named one of the "Big Five" because they are so dangerous.


The Grizzly Bear

* Height: 6 feet to 9 feet when standing on their hind legs(185-290 cm). * Weight: 400-1000 pounds(190-480). * Running Speed: 56 km/h (35 miles per hour). * Coloring: Brown. * Bite Force: 1200 pounds per square inch. * Fighting Style: Solitary hunter. * Unusal Characteristics: Despite their bulky appearance, the Grizzly Bear is fast and can run their prey down. They are very protective of their young and will attack anything that they percieve to be a threat to their young. They're well-muscled and extremely hard to kill.

Grizzlies are apex predators. They dominate the land that they live in and a full grown Grizzly has very little to worry about. Occasionally, wolves will kill a cub, but even a pack of wolves has very little chance against a healthy, full grown Grizzly bear. Grizzly bears are very strong and can smash an opponent to dust. They are fast and very difficult to kill. Even if you have a rifle, a missed shot can mean your life. Bears have a layer of fat and fur that protects them against damage. Not only does the Grizzly have a size advantage over most other animals, but it has a seriously crazy bite force of over 1000 pounds per square inch. If that isn't enough, they have claws and a mean temperament when riled or when their offspring is threatened. While Grizzly bears normally avoid humans, they are a force to be reckoned with in the wild. They are strong and lethal, which is why they are one of the toughest animals in the world.


The Wolverine

* Height: 25 to 34 inches(64-80 cm), not including the tail. * Weight: 10 to 30 kilograms or 22 to 70 pounds. * Running Speed: Unknown. The Wolverine is primarily an ambush killer, which means it doesn't need to run quickly. * Coloring: brown with white stripes down the back. * Bite Force: Roughly 400 pounds per square inch. * Fighting Style: Solitary hunter. Scavenger. * Unusual Characteristics: The Wolverine is a ferocious animal, considering its size. They have been known to drive off bears and wolves and even kill Moose.

The Wolverine is small in stature compared to some of the other animals on this list, but they could in fact be the toughest animal pound for pound. The Wolverine has been known to chase away bears, wolves and other predators. If cornered, their fury is unequalled in the animal world. Despite their size, the Wolverine has no natural predators, although they may be killed by other predators when a dispute arises over territory or food. Wolverines have powerful jaws, thick hides and sharp claws, which help it fend off predators and kill their prey. Their fighting prowess is legendary, which is one reason the Wolverine has a superhero named after him!


The Salt Water Crocodile

* Length: 4 to 6 metres (13 to 20 feet) or more. * Weight: 880 pounds to 3,300 pounds (400-1,500 kg) * Running Speed: Can run on land about as fast as a human. * Coloring: Different shades of green and brown. * Bite Force: Approximately 5000 pounds per square inch or more. * Fighting Style: Crocodiles are ambush killers. They will drag their prey into the water and drown them. Usually, the Crocodiles bite force alone is enough to break bones and render a victim immobile. * Unusual Characteristics: Crocodile's perform a move called 'the death roll', where they will clamp on with their mighty jaws and roll.

Just have a second look at the stats above and you'll understand why the Salt Water Crocodile made this list of the toughest animals in the world. These prehistoric reptiles are made for killing. They have the most devastating bite in the animal world, dwarfing all competitors in that arena. They are quick in water and deceptively fast on land. Their mouths are lined with razor sharp teeth, and if the bite force doesn't crush your bones and render you incapacitated, the crocodile will drag you into the water and drown you. The Salt Water Crocodile has very few weaknesses. Their bodies are armor plated and their sheer size is enough to scare away any other predators. Their only real weakness (if you can call it that) is their small brain and unarmoured belly. The crocodile has been around for millions of years, and that's no fluke. This animal is one of the toughest mofo's you'll ever see.


The Hippopotamus

* Height: Approximately 5 feet at the shoulder(160 cm). * Weight: 1500 kilograms to 4500 kilograms (9900 pounds). * Running Speed: 40 kilometers per hour (25 miles per hour). * Coloring: Gray. * Bite Force: More than 1000 pounds per square inch. As far as I know, no one has been able to measure it successfully. However, I watched a video where a 51 year old captive hippo crushed a watermelon easily. It took 1000 pounds of force to crush the watermelon. * Fighting Style: The Hippo has enormous tusks inside its mouth. Their bite force is off the charts. * Unusual Characteristics: Despite being a plant eater, the Hippo is very aggressive and has huge tusks in place of teeth. They are not to be messed with, and will attack a human without hesitation.

The Hippopotamus is gigantic. It's one of the largest animals in the world. They are also considered one of the most aggressive animals in the world, especially when it comes to humans. Hippopotamus have been known to kill crocodiles and large cats, including the lion. Their mouths are armed with tusks and their bite is one of the most devastating in the animal kingdom. The Hippo can move very fast when it wants too and their mean temperedness is legendary. The Hippo is capable of fighting off almost any predator. Their size and weight alone are enough to preserve their spot on this list.


The Polar Bear

* Height: 7 feet to 10 feet when standing on their hind legs(210-300 cm). * Weight: Male: 400 kilograms to 680 kilograms (880 pounds to 1,500 pounds). Females are generally half that size. * Running Speed: 40 kilometeres per hour (25 miles per hour) on land. * Coloring: White. * Bite Force: 1200 pounds per square inch or more. * Fighting Style: Polar Bears are solitary hunters, with formidable teeth and claws, which they use to bring down prey. * Unusual Characteristics: The Polar Bear is fearsome on land, but they can also stay in the water for long periods of time.

The Polar Bear lives in the arctic, which is one of the harshest climates on earth. Not only does it live there, but it thrives there. The Polar bear has carved out a niche in their environment, preying on large sea lions and even larger walruses. Anything that moves, including humans, are seen as food to this giant predator. They can swim for hours and run down most prey at a whopping 25 miles per hour. They have a bite force of 1200 pounds per square inch, and powerful arms topped with razor sharp claws. The Polar bear blends in perfectly with their surroundings, are intelligent enough to plan their kills and are the largest living bear on the planet. They have no natural predators, they are scared of nothing, and are the only animals on planet that kills for a pure joy.


Inland Taipan (Venomous Snakes of All Kinds)

* Length: 6½ to 12 feet long (2 to 3.6 meters). * Weight: Unknown * Fighting Style: Bites its prey. * Unusual Characteristics: Has the deadliest poison of any snake. One bite has enough venom to kill 250,000 mice.

The Taipan snake is the representative of all snakes since it's the most venomous snake on the planet. One bite of its fangs is enough to deliver enough venom to kill 250,000 mice. The snake isn't tough overall. I mean, any large predator could kill a snake if they got a hold of it. However, snakes are literally armed to the teeth. With just one bite they can put down any animal found on this list, which is why they get one of the top spots.


The Lion

* Height: 4 feet at the shoulders(130 cm). * Weight: Males can exceed 250 kilograms (550 pounds). * Running Speed: 50 miles per hour (80 kilometeres per hour) * Coloring: Tan. * Bite Force: 1000 pounds per square inch. * Fighting Style: Armed with dagger-like claws and huge canine teeth, the lion hunts in a pack and usually brings down it's prey. * Unusual Characteristics: Male lions very rarely hunt, but let the females do the hunting for them. They are lazy animals, but are fast and lethal when provoked.

The Lion is widely known as the King of the Jungle. Of the big cats, the Lion is the tallest and second heaviest. They are armed with wicked claws that are able to rend most prey to pieces in short order. Their fangs are huge and they are built for killing. The Lion can see in the dark, has unbelievably fast reflexes, can jump on top of an elephant and their sense of smell and hearing are impressive. And if you think you have a chance against one lion, you should know that they hunt as a pack, which means that you'll be fighting off seven or eight. Good luck with that. When I was making this lens, I watched a video of a male lion as he mauled and broke the back of a hyena. Just one lion was enough to destroy four full grown hyenas in short order. The Lion is a formidable killing machine that definitely belongs on anyone's toughest animals list.


Bengal Tiger

* Length: Up to 4 metres (13 feet). * Weight: Up to 300 kilograms (660 pounds) * Running Speed: 56 km/h (35 miles per hour). * Coloring: Orange with black stripes. * Bite Force: 1000 pounds per square inch. * Fighting Style: Solitary hunters. Usually ambush their prey. * Unusual Characteristics: Tigers have powerful hind legs that they can use to rip open the belly of an opponent or prey.

Like the lion, the tiger is deadly. The difference between the two is very small. However, the tiger has to fight off other predators more often, which gives them the edge in the experience department. The tiger also has more powerful hind legs than the lion, which would help a great deal in a fight. They also weigh more than the lion, and in some things, size really does matter. I give the edge to the tiger over the lion if it came down to a brawl. The differences might be miniscule, but there it is in a nutshell.


The Rhinoceros

* Height: 180 to 200 cm (5.85 to 6.56 feet) at the shoulders. * Weight: 3500 kg (6600 pounds) or more. * Running Speed: Up to 55 kilometeres an hour (35 miles per hour). * Coloring: Mottled gray. * Fighting Style: Uses its huge horn and tremendous strength to gore opponents. * Unusual Characteristics: Considering its size, the Rhino doesn't have a large brain. However, it does have a protective layer of skin that looks like armour. This skin can be as thick as 5 cm.

Almost seven thousand pounds of armour and tusk gives the mighty rhinoceros the second spot on my list. Very few things can take on an angry rhino. In fact, the rhinoceros sometimes charges at elephants! The average rhinoceros horn is about 23 inches in length, but it can grow to be more than 60 inches. That's a whole lot of horn and a crap load of muscle to drive it home, too. The rhinoceros isn't scared of anything and it has no natural predators, although one may be killed if it is sick, old or weak.


African Bull Elephant

* Height: 3.2 metres (10 feet) to 4 metres (13 feet) at the shoulders * Weight: 500 kilograms (7,700 lb) up to 12,000 kilograms (26,000 lb). * Running Speed: 25 miles per hour (40 kilometeres per hour). * Coloring: Grey. * Fighting Style: Uses its size to trample an opponent. If that fails, they always have those seven foot tusks to rely on to gore a would-be attacker. It can also use its trunk to batter an opponent into submission. * Unusual Characteristics: The Elephant is very intelligent and will often use tactics to kill predators or to avoid a fight.

The largest land animal on the planet, the African elephant, comes in as the toughest animal ever. This giant can fight off a pride of lions and has very little to fear from anything. Elephants are extremely intelligent, which gives them the upper hand in most battles. They have enormous tusks that they can use to gore attackers and their trunks are mighty enough to smash an opponent flat. If worse comes to worst, the elephant can step on almost anything, crushing it to smithereens. Occasionally a pride of lions will take down a sick, old or weak elephant, but that's very rare. If you don't believe me, please try to find a video on Youtube - anything that can fight off seven adult lions has to be the toughest animal in the world.


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