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Top 7 Horror Destinations - Weird Existence

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Weird Existence / Weird

Top 7 Horror Destinations

Weird | November 15, 2011 / views:
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Sometimes the most interesting travel events are those that carry a trace of fear within. Maybe it's because we love the terrible stories that are told around the campfire at the camp site. If you are among people who love to feel a dose of horror and peek into the darkness sometimes, some of these may be your next destination!

7. Island of Dolls (Santana Barrera's chinampa)

This chinampa (floating garden), covered with hundreds of dolls is situated in La Xochimilco channel in Mexico. The dolls are hung from trees in order to keep the evil spirits away and to remember the death of  the girl who drowned here. Judging by the words of Don Julian Santana Barer who has made an unusual "exhibition" dolls are living, but forgotten by their owners. Chinampa is accessible by boat, and the dolls are in place, although Don Barrera died in 1992.

6. Kostnice Sedlec

Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech's Kutná Hora, has long been a popular place for burials, thanks to a monk who took part in the crusades and of Calvary rendered particles scattered here. In the 15th century a large church was built and as the cemetery was crowded because of the plague, the exhumation of the bodies began and they formed a sort of crypt. Around 1870's a carpenter named Frantisek Rint made sculptures, candle holders and soldier's shields out of these bones. This is one of the most popular destinations in the Czech Republic.

5. Gridly Tunnel

Perhaps you'd have a problem to get into this tiny, narrow tunnel in the marine area in Yokosuka, Japan,  as between midnight and one o'clock in the morning, during rainy nights, here allegedly appears samurai. Surprisingly shy, the fighter appears only to lonely travelers, so many left this place disappointed There is a belief that his spirit has not yet subsided, due to a recurring task unresolved.

4. Kryžiu Kalnas

On a lonely fortress on the hill in 1831, people set up crosses in memory of loved ones who lost their lives in the uprising against the Russian Empire. Over time, hill of crosses in Šiauliai in Lithuania has become a place for prayer, remembrance, and even more crosses. Today, you can find more than 100 000 crosses here. Some are decorated with small religious statues, flowers and portraits.

3. Winchester Mystery House

After losing her husband and young child, Sarah Winchester had become convinced that ghosts haunt her family because of the weapons produced by the Winchester family empire. To remove the curse, she moved to the unfinished farm and ordered that a new house was being built 24 hours a day. This construction, known as the Winchester Mystery House was not completed during her lifetime. Today, this 'four-winged' house with 160 rooms is opened for the visitors, and is located in San Jose, California. It represents a confusing layout, non-functional bathrooms and doors that silently emerge from the walls.

2. Pripyat

Abandoned in 1986, Pripyat was the city founded in the Chernobyl for the nuclear power plant workers. It was evacuated after the unfortunate event and represents the sight of which the blood is chilling - roofs collapsed, water leaking, trees growing from the floor... Some people come here to take pictures and measure the radioactivity, but this adventure is better to be left to the experts.

1. London's Underground Train Network

If you think that public transport can not be worse, keep in mind haunted subway station. The Bank station in London, according to many, creates in people a strong sense of sadness and hopelessness. Maybe it's because it is located on the site of the former cemetery where they buried the dead from the plague. Even some of the accursed stations are Covent Garden, Bethnal Green, Hyde Park and King's Cross St Pancras. British Museum station is being visited by the spirit of the Egyptian princess exposed nearby. Also, few people know that the Tower of London is considered as one of the creepiest buildings in Britain. Look for the ghost of Thomas Becket, the Duke of York, Lady Jane Grey or Queen Anne Boleyn.

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