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Water Remembers It All - Weird Existence

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Weird Existence / Nature

Water Remembers It All

Nature | August 7, 2012 / views:
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They say that water remembers it all, from the beginning of the world, til now, it all stays written in water's structure. As we all know there is no life without water, our body consists of 80% water, when we lose 2% of it, we are seriously dehydrated, when we lose 10% we have halucinations, and without 15% of water in our body, we die. Water is a living matter. External events influence the water by changing its structure, though it looks and tastes the same for the man. Even the famous genius Leonardo da Vinci said that water receives different characteristics as many times as there are different places through which it flows. Even if you write something down and let it near water, the crystals of its construction will change under the effect of frequency of the particular word/s, which means that water itself will change. So, then you can imagine all of the things water "saw" and "heard" and how many time it has changed. One Japanese researcher, Dr Masaru Emoto, did a research of how water reacts on different words, music, pictures, things around, etc. Here is what he got.

Reaction to word Love

Reaction to music and bad words

Bach's music

Other music


Various things

Reaction to prayer above the polluted lake

Mozart's music


So let's conclude, what water likes, and remember - you're 80% water!


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