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What Is the World Record - Weird Existence

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What Is the World Record

Weird | October 23, 2012 / views:
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Wow! An African priest was married for 8 times and has 79 children!! Well, what is the world's record? Mugabe, a Zimbabwean priest said that he intends to marry two more times to make a number of his wives a round 10. He also said that he wants to do this till the end of November, in order to present all of his wives to the church. This man appeared in court for the first time, to report that his daughter was raped, that the court ruled as a false report and arrested him. After that, Mugabe wondered for the first time what will happen to all of his children if he went to jail. There would be 79 orphans. However, the judges were stunned when the man said that he plans to marry two times more, so that all the ten off his wives could follow his ceremony in the church on Sunday.

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